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Rediscover the pleasure of wholemeat, pure sourdough, organic and traditional bread.

In Geneva and Vaud, rendez-vous on the markets and health food shops.


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Natural sourdough

If our bread has stayed an exceptional product, it's because it is leavened from a natural sourdough. Living matter made of many microorganisms maintained by successive fermentation, the natural sourdough brings unequalled qualities to the bread, particularly on the nutritive and digestive side. Regularly fed with flour and water to keep it alive, it renews itself infinitely.

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Organic from the seed

The range of our gourmets products is 100% organic (no fungicide or pesticide) certified "Agriculture Biologique". All the breads have a delicious taste, soft crumb and a golden, crunchy crust due to the traditional working fashion, in the respect of authentic methods of planning. No adding of additive of any kind.

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Social Partner

If our activity is environmental, it is also social. We welcome in internship young persons through the association of Geneva "BAB-VIA". Our dynamic activity offers a propitious context for finding a normal life style again and reactive a motivation for building a realist professional project.

Markets. Shops. find your spot!

  • LE MARCHÉ DE VIE – Rue des Eaux Vives 27 GE
  • SENZA – Place de l'Octroi, 10 Carouge
  • ALNA DIET BIO – Rue de Cornavin 3 GE
  • BIO-FRED – Rue de la Boulangerie,3 GE Vielle Ville
  • EPICERIE TROINEX – Place de la Mairie, 3 Troinex
  • LE NID (Epicerie Participtive) – Sentier des Saules, 3 GE
  • NATURE EN VRAC – Place des Grottes, 3 GE
  • TOURNESOL – Grand-Rue,31 Rolle VD
  • Genève - Liotard : Monday and Thursday 8AM - 1PM
  • Genève - Plaine de Plainpalais : Tuesday and Friday 8AM - 2PM
  • Genève - Rive - Boulevard Helvétique : Wednesday 8AM - 2PM
  • Genève - Champel : Thursday 8AM - 1PM
  • Carouge - Place du marché : Thursday 3PM - 9PM from April to December
  • Grand-Saconnex - Gardiol : Friday 3PM - 8PM - 1st Friday of the month
  • Green-Gorilla Confédération Centre et Rue du Rhône Holmes Place
  • Le Lapin qui Tousse Bd Saint-Georges
  • Kraken Bar Rue Ecole de Médecine
  • Juice & Co Hall de Rive

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The range. Bread and Viennoiseries.

The classics

  • Campagne / Farine Mi-Blanche
  • Demi-complet / Farine Bise
  • Complet / Farine Complète
  • Intégral / Farine Intégrale

The gourmets

  • Fermier multigraines
  • 5 Céréales
  • Fruits secs
  • Olives et Fougasse olives
  • Figues

The ryes

  • Seigle Blé
  • Pur Seigle
  • Seigle aux noix
  • Seigle raisins

Ancien types

  • Grand Epeautre
  • Pur Petit Epeautre (Engrain)
  • Pur Kamut (Blé de Khorasan)

Poor in gluten

Rice-Buckwheat-Chestnut flour
  • Nature
  • Multigraines
  • Olive
  • Figues


  • Croissants
  • Pains au Chocolat
  • Brioches
  • Tresses au beurre
  • Tartellettes

Laurent Hernicot

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